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Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal Guide

Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal aids organizations to meet their marketing needs by securely distributing approved brand and product assets to external agencies, partners, internal teams, and resellers for download.
The lack of a secure asset sharing solution can result in:
  • Manual asset sharing through email or cloud
  • Brand compliance issues
  • Lack of control over asset usage
  • Delays in campaigns and product launches
  • Duplication of content across geographic locations and organizations
  • Unsecured storage of assets before release
With Brand Portal, organizations can ensure brand compliance by enabling marketers to collaborate with channel partners and internal business users to quickly create, manage, and deliver the latest design guidelines, logos, campaign and product assets to the stakeholders. Brand Portal is a cloud-based SAAS offering. It is available as an add-on to Adobe Experience Manager Assets product (on premise or managed service).
Brand Portal solution workflow is illustrated in the following image.

Adobe Experience Manager Brand Portal User Guide

This user guide documents insights in to Brand Portal offerings and key workflows. Use the left rail to navigate through various functionalities and drill down to know how different personas interact with the portal.

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