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Configure AEM Assets with Brand Portal

Configuring Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service with Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal allows you to publish and distribute assets with the Brand Portal users. Whereas, Configuring AEM 6.3 (and above) with Brand Portal enables asset publishing, asset distribution, and asset contribution features for the Brand Portal users.
Adobe Experience Manager Assets is configured with Brand Portal via Adobe Developer Console, which procures an Adobe Identity Management Services (IMS) token for authorization of your Brand Portal tenant.
For AEM Assets 6.3 and above
Earlier, Brand Portal was configured in classic interface via Legacy OAuth Gateway, which uses the JSON Web token (JWT) exchange to obtain an IMS token for authorization.
Configuration via Legacy OAuth is no longer supported from April 6, 2020, and is changed to configuring via Adobe Developer Console.
For existing customers only
Legacy OAuth Gateway configuration will continue working for existing customers.
In case you encounter problems with legacy OAuth Gateway configuration, delete the existing configuration and create new configuration via Adobe Developer Console.
The steps to configure AEM Assets with Brand Portal are different depending on your AEM version, and whether you are configuring for the first time, or upgrading the existing configurations:
AEM Version
New Configuration
Upgrade Configuration
AEM Assets as a Cloud Service
AEM 6.5 ( and above)
AEM 6.4 ( and above)
AEM 6.3 ( and above)
AEM 6.2
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