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The Cloud Readiness Analyzer helps accelerate the processes of assessing readiness to move from an existing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) deployment to AEM as a Cloud Service.
This tool generates a report that identifies areas of potential refactoring, which is the first step in the transition journey to AEM as a Cloud Service.

Cloud Readiness Analyzer Report

The Cloud Readiness Analyzer Report is used to gain a high-level understanding of general upgrade readiness. The report consists of findings within categories of issues that must be addressed before a successful deployment to AEM as a Cloud Service.
The Cloud Readiness Analyzer report includes the following categories:
  • Application functionality that must be refactored
  • Repository items that must be moved to a supported location
  • Legacy user interface dialogs and components that must be modernized
  • Deployment and configuration issues
  • AEM 6.x features that have been replaced by new functionality or that are currently not supported on AEM as a Cloud Service
Additional information about the categories and possible implications and solutions associated with those categories are provided via links from within the Cloud Readiness Analyzer Report.
The Cloud Readiness Analyzer Report speeds up the process of estimating the time and cost that is required to transition to AEM as a Cloud Service by providing information that would otherwise have to be manually gathered and evaluated.
You can also download the Cloud Readiness Analyzer report from your AEM instance. Refer to Viewing the Cloud Readiness Analyzer Report for more details.