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Using the Rich Text Editor to Author Content

The Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a basic building block for inserting textual content into AEM. It forms the basis of various components

In-Place Editing

Selecting a text-based component with a single tap or click will reveal the component toolbar as with any component.
Tapping/clicking agin or initially selecting the component with a slow double-tap/click will open in-place editing, which has its own toolbar. Here you can edit the content and make basic formatting changes.
This toolbar provides the following options:
  • Format : This allows you to set Bold, Italic and Underline.
  • Lists : With this you can create bulleted or numbered lists, or set the indentation.
  • Hyperlink
  • Unlink
  • Full Screen
  • Close
  • Save

Full Screen Editing

For text-based components, tapping the full screen mode from the toolbar opens the rich text editor and hides the rest of the page content.
Full screen mode displays all the configured options that you can use for authoring. The availability of options depends on the configuration.
Additional rich text editor options include:
  • Anchor : Create an anchor in the text that you can later link to/reference.
  • Align Text Left
  • Center Text
  • Align Text Right
Close full screen mode by clicking the minimize icon.
Copying nested lists from Microsoft Word into the RTE can give inconsistent results and may require manual adjustment after pasting the text in the RTE.