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Using Adobe Stock assets with AEM Assets

AEM 6.4.2 provides users the ability to search, preview, save and license Adobe Stock assets directly from AEM. Organizations can now integrate their Adobe Stock Enterprise plan with AEM Assets to make sure that licensed assets are now broadly available for their creative and marketing projects, with the powerful asset management capabilities of AEM.

The integration requires an enterprise Adobe Stock plan and AEM 6.4 with at least Service Pack 2 deployed. For AEM 6.4 service pack details, see these release notes .
Adobe Stock and AEM Assets integration allow content authors and marketers to easily license and use stock assets for creative or marketing purposes. You can perform a Stock asset search either using Omni Search, by adding the location filter as Adobe Stock or by navigating through AEM Assets main navigation and clicking on the Search Adobe Stock Coral UI Icon.

Some capabilities include

Search and Save

  • Perform Adobe Stock asset search without leaving AEM workspace.
  • Save Adobe Stock assets for preview, without licensing the asset.
  • Ability to license and save Adobe Stock assets to AEM Assets
  • Ability to search for similar assets from Adobe Stock within AEM Assets UI
  • View a selected asset from Stock Search within AEM Assets on Adobe Stock website
  • Licensed asset files are marked with a blue licensed badge for easy identification

Asset Metadata

  • Licensed asset gets stored within AEM Assets. Asset properties contain Stock metadata under a separate asset metadata tab
  • Ability to add License references to asset metadata

Asset Stock Profile

  • A user can select Adobe Stock profile under User > My Preferences > Stock Configuration
  • Mandatory and Optional references can be added to the Asset Licensing window.
  • Ability to choose language preference for Asset Licensing window based on the region.


  • A user can filter stock assets based on Asset Type, Orientation and View Similar
  • Asset type includes Photos, Illustrations, Vectors, Videos, Templates, 3D, Premium, Editorial
  • Orientation includes Horizontal, Vertical, and Square.
  • View Similar filter requires Adobe Stock File number

Access Control

  • Admins can provide permissions to certain users/groups to license stock assets when setting up Adobe Stock cloud service configuration.
  • If a specific user/group does not have permission to license stock assets, Stock Asset Search / Asset licensing capability would be disabled.