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Set up Smart Tags with AEM Assets

Provides step by step instructions to integrate Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with the Smart Content Service using Adobe I/O.

Smart Tags set up

To setup Smart Content Service, you need to have An Adobe ID account with administrator privileges for the organization with Smart Content Service enabled.
The video details out the following key tasks that are required to configure the Smart Content Service.
  • Create a Smart Content Service configuration in AEM to generate a public key. Obtain public certificate for OAuth integration.
  • Create an integration in Adobe I/O and upload the generated public key.
  • Configure your AEM instance using the API key and other credentials from Adobe I/O.
  • Optionally, enable auto-tagging on asset upload.
Before you can use the Smart Content Service, ensure the following to create an integration on Adobe I/O:
  • An Adobe ID account that has administrator privileges for the organization
  • The Smart Content Service service is enabled for your organization