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Set up Smart Tags with AEM Assets

Provides step by step instructions to configure smart tagging service for AEM Assets.

Smart Tags set up

Contact your Adobe Account Representative for more information on how to gain access to Smart Tags.

Here are the key tasks involved in configuring the Smart Tagging cloud service:

  • Configuring the DAM Similarity Search service
  • Configure Periodic tagging
You require system administrator rights in the Marketing Cloud organization to be able to create UDP integration.

Showing Smart Tags scores for instructional purposes

A short video illustrating how Smart Tags scores can be displayed in AEM for demo, instructional or explanatory purposes. This is not intended for production use cases as explained in the video.

This video illustrates how Smart Tags show scores can be enabled to drive conversations around the benefits of Smart Tags and further technical understanding of the effects of confidence scores.
Edit the default metadata schema to create a copy and update the properties
  • /conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension/metadataschema/default/items/tabs/items/tab1/items/col1/items/autotags@ showConfidenceScore = true
  • /conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension/metadataschema/default/items/tabs/items/tab1/items/col1/items/autotags@ fieldLabel = Smart Tags (Prediction Confidence 0-100)
Overlay the Manage Tags console to /apps
  • /libs/dam/gui/content/assets/managetags/jcr:content/body/items/form/items/wizard/items/moderateStep/items/fixedColumns/items/fixedColumn1/items/autotags@ showConfidenceScore = true
The following adjustments described above are provided in the attached AEM package that can be installed via AEM Package Manager .