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Debugging AEM SDK’s local quickstart using logs

Logs act as the frontline for debugging AEM applications, but are dependent on adequate logging in the deployed AEM application. Adobe recommends keeping local development and AEM as a Cloud Service Dev logging configurations as similar a possible, as it normalizes log visibility on the AEM SDK’s local quickstart and AEM as a Cloud Service's Dev environments, reducing configuration twiddling and re-deployment.
The AEM Project Archetype configures logging at the DEBUG level for your AEM application's Java packages for local development via the Sling Logger OSGi configuration found at
which logs to the error.log .
If default logging is insufficient for local development, ad hoc logging can be configured via AEM SDK’s local quickstart's Log Support web console, at ( /system/console/slinglog ), however it's not recommended ad hoc changes are persisted to Git unless these same log configurations are needed on AEM as a Cloud Service Dev environments as well. Keep in mind, changes via the Log Support console, are persisted directly to the AEM SDK’s local quickstart's repository.
Java log statements can be view in the error.log file:
$ ~/aem-sdk/author/crx-quickstart/logs/error.log

Often it it useful to "tail" the error.log which streams its output to the terminal.