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Other tools for debugging AEM SDK

A variety of other tools can aid in debugging your application on the AEM SDK's local quickstart.


CRXDE Lite is a web-based interface for interacting with the JCR, AEM's data repository. CRXDE Lite provides completely visibility into the JCR, including nodes, properties, property values, and permissions.
CRXDE Lite is located at:

Explain Query

Explain Query web-based tool in AEM SDK's local quickstart, that provides key insights into how AEM interprets and executes queries, and an invaluable tool to ensure queries are being executed in a performant manner by AEM.
Explain Query is located at:

QueryBuilder Debugger

QueryBuilder debugger is web-based tool that helps you debug and understand search queries using AEM's QueryBuilder syntax.
QueryBuilder Debugger is located at:

Sling Log Tracer and AEM Chrome plug-in

Sling Log Tracer , which ships with AEM SDK's local quickstart, allows for in-depth tracing of HTTP Requests, exposing in depth debugging information per request. The Log Tracer OSGi configuration must be configured to enable this feature.
The open source AEM Chrome plug-in for the Google Chrome web browser , integrates with Log Tracer, exposing the debug information directly in Chrome's Dev Tools.
The AEM Chrome plug-in is an open source tool, and Adobe does not provide support for it.