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Create Schema from the acroform

The next step is to create a schema from the Acroform created in the earlier step. A sample application is provided to create the schema as part of this tutorial. To create the schema, please follow the following instructions:
  1. Login to CRXDE Lite
  2. Open to the file /apps/AemFormsSamples/components/createxsd/POST.jsp
  3. Change the saveLocation to an appropriate folder on your hard drive. Make sure the folder you are saving to is already created.
  4. Point your browser to Create XSD page hosted on AEM.
  5. Drag and drop the Acroform.
  6. Check the folder specified in Step 3. The schema file is saved to this location.

Upload the Acroform

For this demo to work on your system, you will need to create a folder called acroforms in AEM Assets. Upload the Acroform into this acroforms folder.
The sample code looks for the acroform in this folder. The acroform is needed to merge the adaptive form's submitted data.