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Using custom functions and code editor

In this part, we will use custom functions and the code editor to author business rules.
ClientLib with custom function . Import and install the package into crx using the package manager. The package contains client library. Typically a client library consists of CSS and Javascript file. This client library contains javascript file which exposes a function to populate drop-down list values.

Function to Populate Drop Down List

Set Summary Title of Panel

Validate Panel

The following is the code used to validate panel fields
var errors =[];
var fields ="";
var currentPanel = guideBridge.getFocus({"focusOption": "navigablePanel"});
console.log("The errors are "+ errors.length);
        window.guideBridge.setFocus(this.panel.somExpression, 'nextItem', true);
    for(var i=0;i<errors.length;i++)
        var fields = fields+guideBridge.resolveNode(errors[i].som).title+" , ";
        window.confirm("Please fill out  "+fields.slice(0,-1)+ " fields");

You can uncomment line 1 to debug the code in browser window.
Line 4 - Get the current panel
Line 5 - Validate the current panel.
Line 9 - If no errors move to the next panel
Preview the form, and test the newly enabled functionality.