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Deploy this on your server

The following are required to get this running on your system AEM Forms(version 6.3 or above) MYSQL Database
To test this capability on your AEM Forms instance, please follow the following steps
  • Download and unzip the tutorial assets on to your local system
  • Deploy and start the techmarketingdemos.jar and mysqldriver.jar bundles using Felix web console
  • Import the aemformstutorial.sql using MYSQL Workbench. This will create the necessary schema and tables in your database for this tutorial to work.
  • Import using AEM package manager. This package contains the Adaptive Form template, page component client lib, and sample adaptive form and data source configuration.
  • Login to configMgr. Search for "Apache Sling Connection Pooled DataSource. Open the data source entry associated with aemformstutorial and enter the username and password specific to your database instance.
  • Open the Adaptive Form
  • Fill in some details and click on the "Save And Continue Later" button
  • You should get back a URL with a GUID in it.
  • Copy the URL and paste it in a new browser tab. Make sure there are no empty space at the end of the URL
  • Adaptive Form should get populated with the data from the previous step