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Using Experience Fragments

Experience Fragments are a feature of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), first introduced in AEM 6.3. Experience Fragments allows content authors to reuse content across channels including Sites pages and 3rd party systems.

Experience Fragments Overview

An Experience Fragment is a set of content that grouped forms an experience that should make sense on its own.
With Experience Fragments marketers can:
  • Reuse an experience across channels (both owned channels and 3rd party touch-points)
  • Create variations of an experience for specific use-cases
  • Keep variations in sync with the use of Live Copy
  • Social Post experiences to Facebook and Pinterest out of the box

Building Blocks with Experience Fragments

Building blocks is a new enhancement added to Experience Fragment in AEM 6.4+. It lets content authors create a building block consisting of components that could be re-used to create content across different variations and across different templates.

Editable templates used for creating experience fragments should have the building block component added to its policies.
  • Creating a building block makes it easy for content authors to re-use the content across different variations.
  • Changing the master copy building block should automatically roll out changes to its references without cancelling inheritance or any layout changes.
  • Content authors can easily rename an existing building block or delete it.
  • Deleting a building block from an Experience Fragment doesn't delete its references.