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AEM System Overview


ASO identifies general information about the AEM instance. Each finding provide one value of a particular type of system information.
Subtypes are used to identify different types of information:
  • aem.version : The AEM version.
  • aem.product : Detection of the use of an AEM product (Commerce, Forms, etc.).
  • aem.feature : Detection of the use of an AEM feature within a product (Multi Site Manager, etc.).
  • node.count : The approximate node count of a certain type (Page, Asset, etc.).

Possible implications and risks

  • The AEM version and node counts are provided for informational purposes.
  • The custom application may rely on products or features not available in AEM as a Cloud Service.
  • Upgrading with unsupported features may result in a failed upgrade and a non-functional application.

Possible solutions

  • AEM upgrades with unsupported products or features are not recommended and may not supported.
  • Review the release notes to learn about the latest changes in AEM as a Cloud Service.
  • Please reach out to our AEM Support Team to get clarifications or to address concerns.