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Managing Devices

This page describes device assignment.
The Devices console allows you to access the device manager to assign your device to a display.
Before assigning your device, you need to register it. For more information, see Device Registration .

Device Assignment

Follow the steps below to assign a device to a display:
  1. Navigate to the Devices folder of your project, for example
  2. Select your Devices folder and tap/click Device Manager in the action bar. The assigned and unassigned devices display.
  3. Select an unassigned device from the list, and tap/click the Assign Device in the action bar.
  4. Select the display you want to assign the device to from the list, and tap/click the Assign .
  5. Tap/click the Finish to complete the assignment process.
    The display dashboard displays the assigned device in the DEVICES panel.
    Click the ( ... ) on the top right corner of the DEVICES panel to either add device config or update the devices.
Every time the first device is added to a new Screens project, a user group is created. For instance, if the project node name is we-retail , then the user group name is screens-we-retail-devices . This group will be added as a member of the Contributors group, as shown in the figure below:

The Next Steps

Once you are familiar with assigning channel to a display, see the following resources: