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Part 4: Project Management and Deployment

This page highlights part 4 of a 5-part series designed to cover project management and deployment preparation and define key factors the AV Integrator is accountable for related to project management and deployment preparation.


This page covers project pre-production, project initiation, and project progression.
It is important for all stakeholders to understand what the AV integrator is accountable for, ensuring documented plans are developed against the points discussed this episode
Identifying an AV Integrator with expertise in project management of Digital Signage deployments at scale is extremely important to long-term success, and it’s strongly suggested that Project plans between the AV Integrator and AEM Implementor are compared to ensure alignment as plans are developed and finalized.
Partners who take a holistic approach in managing project “pre-production,” initiation, and progression phases will help to ensure your end-clients are positioned to realize the most value from their investment

Summary of all three phases in Project Management

To support a successful Digital Signage deployment, it is customary to segment the project into 3 stages. These stages are commonly referred to as days .

Day Zero Activities

The first stage is referred to as Day Zero . This stage includes all pre-sales and discovery efforts required to fully define projects scope. The second stage, Day One, refers to all activities included in the deployment effort. Finally, Day Two refers to all ongoing operations and support elements as part of the total solution.
Day Zero activities entail Pre-Sales, Client Discovery, Application Needs Analysis, and Project Scope definition. This stage can also include initial engagement and definition of project requirements for Project Management, in preparation for Deployment.
Day Zero consists of eight key steps covering all aspects of the project management ramp up:
  • Defining the Scope of Work
  • Defining the project schedule
  • Defining the vendor and internal labor
  • Acquiring equipment cut sheets
  • Planning and acquiring site permits
  • Planning for site access
  • Considering power and connectivity
  • Reviewing technical plans or drawings

Day One Activities

The second stage, Day One , refers to all activities included in the deployment effort. Another important technical document for a successful project is the deployment Gantt Chart.
As a sales opportunity transitions to a project, a kickoff meeting is scheduled to confirm:
  • Preliminary Budget
  • Project Milestones & Interdependencies
  • Equipment List
  • Account Setup including confirmation of Billing Terms
  • Key Contacts list
  • Scope of Work
  • Labor requirements.

Day Two Activities

The last part of a Day One initiative is to complete a NOC Handoff. If a completed project will include any Day 2 service and support, the Project Manager will arrange a NOC Handoff Meeting with the supervisors of those teams.
This meeting primarily consists of AV Integrator representatives from Account Management, Network Operations, Field Logistics, Content Services, and Accounting. Project Management representatives from Adobe, the AEM Implementor and End-Customer usually are involved in tandem, with the AV Integrator defining schedule, cadence and tollgates. Project Managers are typically best to coordinate discussions to ensure alignment of appropriate parties and developing required documentation for the NOC handoff meeting. Critical support documentation likely will come from IT and/or AV Engineering in addition to Sales and Account Management resources across all involved parties. For any clients requiring helpdesk support from a NOC, documentation will need to be provided to NOC supervisors for upload to a Knowledge Base platform.

Part 4: Video Tutorial on Project Management and Deployment

Follow this tutorial to learn about project management and deployment preparation and define key factors the AV Integrator is accountable for related to project management and deployment preparation.

Project Management and Deployment

Learn about project management and deployment preparation (project pre-production, project initiation, project progression).

The Next Step

Once you are thorough with key considerations surrounding Project Management for AEM Screens Deployments;
Navigate to Part 5: Support Considerations to understand Day 2 Support and the processes involved.