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Release Notes for Feature Pack 201905

It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Screens provides maintenance support for AEM 6.3 Screens platform.
The AEM Screens released AEM Feature Pack 6 and AEM Feature Pack 4 with the following details.

Release Date

The Release Date for AEM Screens Feature Pack 201905 is May 16, 2019.

What's New

  • Project Importer
Project Importer is a feature available in AEM Screens that allows you to bulk-import a set of locations from a CSV/XLS spreadsheet to your AEM Screens project.
Refer to New Project Importer from File for more details.
  • Transitioning from ContentSync to SmartSync
SmartSync minimizes server load/storage and network traffic to reduce cost.
  • Emergency Channel
This use case example emphasizes on creating and managing an emergency channel that the content author can switch from a sequence channel in case of a precondition.
Refer to Emergency Channel Use Case for more details.
  • Embedding a REACT application using the AEM SPA Editor and Integrating with AEM Screens Analytics
This section describes how to embed an interactive single page application using REACT (or Angular) using the AEM SPA editor that can be configured by business professionals in AEM and also how to integrate your interactive application with offline Adobe Analytics.

Released AEM Screens Players

The following AEM Screens Players are released for AEM Feature Pack 6 and AEM Feature Pack 4:
  • ChromeOS
  • Windows
  • Android

AEM Screens Player Downloads

To download the latest AEM Screens player and learn more about the bug fixes, please refer to AEM Screens Player Downloads .