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Privacy Service and Experience Cloud applications

Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service is built to support privacy requests for several Adobe Experience Cloud applications. Each application supports different product values and IDs for identifying data subjects.
This document serves as a reference for Experience Cloud application documentation that outlines how to configure that application for privacy-related operations. This includes how to format and label your data. Two categories of applications are covered:
Please review the documentation for your Experience Cloud applications to learn how to format your privacy requests, and which values are supported for those requests.

Applications integrated with Privacy Service

The following is a list of Experience Cloud applications that are integrated with Privacy Service, including the Privacy Service capabilities they are compatible with, and links to documentation for more information.
Opt-out of sale
Documentation and considerations
Adobe Advertising Cloud
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Audience Manager
Adobe Campaign Standard
Adobe Customer Attributes (CRS)
Adobe Experience Platform
Adobe Primetime Authentication
  • Access/delete documentation
  • Primetime does not have the capability to transfer data, therefore opt-out-of-sale requests are not applicable.
Adobe Target

Self-serve applications

The following is a list of Experience Cloud applications that are not integrated with Privacy Service and must manage their privacy concerns internally. Links to each application's documentation are provided, along with descriptions of the documentation's contents.
Documentation description
An overview of GDPR functionalities for Adobe Campaign Classic.
Steps for preventing Adobe tags from firing until consent is acquired.
An overview of how a customer privacy administrator or AEM administrator can handle GDPR requests.
Steps for making GDPR access and delete requests using Livefyre.
How developers can use extensions and the rule builder to define opt-in and opt-out solutions.