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Connect with Aqua Data Studio

This document walks through the steps for connecting Aqua Data Studio with Adobe Experience Platform Query Service.
After installing Aqua Data Studio, you must first register the server. From the main menu, click Server , then click Register Server .
The Register Server dialog appears. Under the General tab, select PostgreSQL from the list on the left-hand side. In the dialog that appears, provide the following details for the server settings.
  • Name : The name of your connection.
  • Login Name and Password : The login credentials that will be used. The username takes the form of ORG_ID@AdobeOrg .
  • Host and Port : The host endpoint and its port for Query Service. You must use port 80 to connect with Query Service.
  • Database: The database that will be used.
For more information on finding your login credentials, host, port, and database name, visit the credentials page on Platform . To find your credentials, log in to Platform, click Queries , then click Credentials .
Select the Driver tab. Under Parameters , set the value as ?sslmode=require
After inputting your connection details, click Test Connection to ensure your credentials work properly. If your connection is successful, click Save to register your server. The connection appears on the Dashboard upon successful registration, confirming that you can now connect to the server and view its schema objects.

Next steps

Now that you have connected to Query Service, you can use the Query Analyzer within Aqua Data Studio to execute and edit SQL statements. For more information on how to write and run queries, please read the running queries guide .