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Connect with Power BI (PC)

PC users can install Power BI from .

Set up Power BI

After you have Power BI installed, you need to set up the necessary components to support the PostgreSQL connector. Follow these steps:
  • Find and install npgsql , a .NET driver package for PostgreSQL that is the official way for PowerBI to connect.
  • Select v4.0.10 (newer versions currently result in an error).
  • Under "Npgsql GAC Installation" on the Custom Setup screen, select Will be installed on local hard drive . Not installing the GAC will cause Power BI to fail later.
  • Restart Windows.
  • Find the PowerBI Desktop evaluation version.

Connect Power BI to Query Service

After performing those preparatory steps, you can connect Power BI to Query Service:
  • Open Power BI.
  • Click Get Data in the top menu ribbon.
  • Choose PostgreSQL database , then click Connect .
  • Enter values for the Server and Database. Server is the Host found under the connection details. For production, add port :80 to the end of the Host string. Database can be either "all" or a dataset table name. (Try one of the CTAS-derived datasets.)
  • Click Advanced options , and then uncheck include relationship columns . Do not check Navigate using full hierarchy .
  • (Optional but recommended when "all" is declared for the database) Enter a SQL statement.
If a SQL statement is not provided, then Power BI will preview all of the tables in database. For hierarchical data, a custom SQL statement should be used. If the table schema is flat, it will work with or without a custom SQL statement. Compound types are yet not supported by Power BI - to get primitive types from compound types, you will need to write SQL statements to derive them.
SELECT AS Page_Name, 
SUM(web.webPageDetails.pageviews.value) AS Page_Views 
ORDER BY SUM(web.webPageDetails.pageviews.value) DESC 

  • Select either DirectQuery or Import mode. In Import mode, data will be imported in Power BI. In DirectQuery mode, all the queries will be sent to Query Service for execution.
  • Click OK . Now, Power BI connects to the Query Service and produces a preview if there are no errors. There is a known issue with the Preview rendering numeric columns. Proceed to the next step.
  • Click Load to bring the dataset into Power BI.