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Errors and troubleshooting

REST API errors

HTTP Status Code
Possible Causes
Bad request
Malformed or illegal query
Authentication failed
Invalid auth token
Internal server error
Internal system failure

PostgreSQL API errors

Error Code and Connection State
Possible Cause
28P01 Start-up - authentication
Invalid password
Invalid authentication token
28000 Start-up - authentication
Invalid authorization type
Invalid authorization type. Must be AuthenticationCleartextPassword .
42P12 Start-up - authentication
No tables found
No tables found for use
42601 Query
Syntax error
Invalid command or syntax error
58000 Query
System error
Internal system failure
42P01 Query
Table not found
Table specified in the query was not found
42P07 Query
Table exists
Table already exists with the same name (CREATE TABLE)
53400 Query
LIMIT exceeds max value
User specified a LIMIT clause higher than 100,000
53400 Query
Statement timeout
The live statement submitted took more than the maximum of 10 minutes
08P01 N/A
Unsupported message type
Unsupported message type