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Amazon S3 destination


Create a live outbound connection to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 storage to periodically export tab-delimited or CSV data files from Adobe Experience Platform into your own S3 buckets.

Connect destination

See Cloud storage destinations workflow for instructions on how to connect to your cloud storage destinations, including Amazon S3.
For Amazon S3 destinations, enter the following information in the create destination workflow:
  • Amazon S3 access key and Amazon S3 secret key : In Amazon S3, generate an access key - secret access key pair to grant Adobe Real-time CDP access to your Amazon S3 account.
Adobe Real-time CDP needs write permissions on the bucket object where the export files will be delivered.

Exported data

For Amazon S3 destinations, Adobe Real-time CDP creates a tab-delimited .txt or .csv file in the storage location that you provided. For more information about the files, see Email Marketing destinations and Cloud storage destinations in the segment activation tutorial.