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Workflow to create cloud storage destinations


This page explains how you can connect to cloud storage locations in Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform.
  1. In Connections > Destinations , select your preferred cloud storage destination, then select Connect destination .
  2. In the Authentication step, if you had previously set up a connection to your cloud storage destination, select Existing Account and select your existing connection. Or, you can select New Account to set up a new connection to your cloud storage destination. Fill in your account authentication credentials and select Connect to destination .
    See Amazon S3 destination, Amazon Kinesis destination, Azure Event Hubs destination, and SFTP destination for specifics around credentials input in the Authentication step.
    Adobe Real-time CDP supports credentials validation in the authentication process and displays an error message if you input incorrect credentials to your cloud storage location. This ensures that you don't complete the workflow with incorrect credentials.
  3. In the Setup step, enter a Name and a Description for your activation flow.
    For Amazon S3 destinations, insert the Bucket name and the Folder path in your cloud storage destination where the files will be delivered. Select Create Destination after you filled in the fields above.
    For SFTP destinations, insert the Folder path where the files will be delivered.
  4. Your destination is now created. You can select Save & Exit if you want to activate segments later on or you can select Next to continue the workflow and select segments to activate. In either case, see the next section, Activate segments , for the rest of the workflow to export data.

Activate segments

See Activate profiles and segments to a destination for information about the segment activation workflow.