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Segmentation Service in Real-time Customer Data Platform

Real-time Customer Data Platform (Real-time CDP) allows you to bring data from multiple sources to drive a coordinated and consistent experience for your customers. Delivering relevant personalized marketing campaigns can be achieved using the Segmentation Service, part of Adobe Experience Platform.
Real-time CDP is built on top of Adobe Experience Platform and utilizes many of the Experience Platform services and functionality. Using the Segmentation Service, you can provide tailor-made marketing by dividing your customers into smaller groups with similar traits.


Segmentation is the process of defining specific attributes or behaviors shared by a subset of profiles from your profile store to distinguish a marketable group of people from your customer base. For example, in an email campaign called "Did you forget to buy your sneakers?", you may want an audience of all users who searched for running shoes within the last 30 days, but who did not complete a purchase. Using different segments, you can focus on your various audiences, delivering a more customized marketing experience.

Segment Builder

Platform allows you to easily create and access segments, as well as use different building blocks to further characterize your segments. For more information about how to use the Segment Builder, please read the Segment Builder guide .

Next steps

After reading this overview, you should now understand how Real-time CDP utilizes Segmentation Service to enhance customization and personalization of marketing campaigns. For more information about the Segmentation Service, please read the Segmentation documentation .