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Google Cloud Storage connector

Adobe Experience Platform provides native connectivity for cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, allowing you to bring your data from these systems.
Cloud storage sources can bring your own data into Platform without the need to download, format, or upload. Ingested data can be formatted as XDM JSON, XDM parquet, or delimited. Every step of the process is integrated into the Sources workflow. Platform allows you to bring in data from Google Cloud Storage through batches.

Prerequisite setup for connecting your Google Cloud Storage account

In order to connect to Platform, you must first enable interoperability for your Google Cloud Storage account. To access the interoperability setting, open Google Cloud Platform and select Settings from the Storage option in the navigation panel.
The Settings page appears. From here, you can see information regarding your Google project ID and details about your Google Cloud Storage account. To access interoperability settings, select Interoperability from the top header.
The Interoperability page contains information on authentication, access keys, and the default project associated with your user account. If you have not already established a default project for interoperable access, you can set one up from within the Default project for interoperable access section. If a default project has already been established, the section will show a confirmation that a project has been set as default.
To generate a new access key ID and a secret access key for your user account, select Create a Key .
You can use your newly generated access key ID and secret access key to connect your Google Cloud Storage account to Platform.
The documentation below provides information on how to connect Google Cloud Storage to Platform using APIs or the user interface: