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Delete dataflows

Source connectors in Adobe Experience Platform provide the ability to ingest externally sourced data on a scheduled basis. This tutorial provides steps for deleting dataflows from the Sources workspace.

Getting started

This tutorial requires a working understanding of the following components of Adobe Experience Platform:

Delete dataflows using the UI

Log in to Adobe Experience Platform and then select Sources from the left navigation bar to access the Sources workspace. The Catalog screen displays a variety of sources for which you can create accounts and dataflows with. Each source shows the number of existing accounts and dataflows associated to them.
Select Dataflows to access the Dataflows page.
A list of existing dataflows appears. On this page is a list of sortable information for existing dataflows such as source, username, run status, and last run date. Select the funnel icon on the top left to sort.
The sorting panel appears on the left side of the screen, containing a list of available sources. You can select more than one source using the sorting function.
Select the source you wish to access and locate the dataflow you intend to delete from the list of dataflows in the main interface. In the example, the source selected is Azure Blob Storage and the dataflow name is Customer profiles dataflow . When selecting multiple sources from the sorting panel, your most recently created dataflows appear first because the list is sorted by created date.
Select the dataflow you intend to delete.
The Properties panel appears on the right side of the screen, containing information regarding the selected dataflow as well as an option to Edit schedule .
To delete the dataflow, select Delete .
A final confirmation dialog box appears, select Delete to complete the process.
After a few moments, a green confirmation box appears on the bottom of the screen to confirm a successful deletion.

Next steps

By following this tutorial, you have successfully accessed existing accounts and dataflows from the Sources workspace. Incoming data can now be used by downstream Platform services such as Real-time Customer Profile and Data Science Workspace. See the following documents for more details: