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Data Governance and Privacy Tutorials

Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance enables you to apply data usage labels to datasets and fields, categorizing each according to related data usage policies, and evaluate for policy violations when certain actions are performed on those datasets and/or fields. Before getting started with the tutorials listed in this document, please see the Data Governance overview for a more robust introduction to the framework.
Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service provides a RESTful API and user interface that allow you to coordinate privacy and compliance requests across various solutions. To learn more, please begin by reading the Privacy Service overview .

Add data usage labels

Data usage labels allow you to categorize datasets and fields according to usage policies that apply to that data. Labels can be applied at any time, providing flexibility in how you choose to govern data. Best practices encourage labeling data as soon as it is ingested into Experience Platform, or as soon as data becomes available for use in Platform. Data usage labels that are applied at the dataset level are propagated to all fields within the dataset. Labels can also be applied directly to individual fields (column headers) in a dataset, without propagation. To learn how to apply data usage labels to your data, please visit the data usage labels overview .

Create data usage policies

The Policy Service API allows you to create and manage data usage policies to determine what marketing actions can be taken against data that contains certain usage labels. To get started, read the data usage policies overview .

Enforce data usage policies

Once you have added usage labels for your data, and have created policies for marketing actions against those labels, you can use the Policy Service API to evaluate whether a marketing action constitutes a policy violation when performed on a dataset or an arbitrary group of usage labels. You can then set up your own internal protocols to handle policy violations based on the API response. To get started, visit the policy enforcement overview .

Enforce data usage compliance for an audience segment

Segments that are enabled for use in Real-time Customer Profile contain a merge policy ID within their segment definition. This merge policy contains information about which datasets are to be included in the segment, which in turn contain any applicable data usage labels. For specific steps covering enforcing data usage compliance for an audience segment, please follow the data usage compliance enforcement tutorial for segments .

Get started with Privacy Service

Privacy Service provides a RESTful API and user interface that allow you to manage the personal data of your data subjects (customers) across Adobe Experience Cloud applications. Privacy Service also provides a central audit and logging mechanism that allows you to access the status and results of jobs involving Experience Cloud applications. For instructions showing how to create and monitor Privacy Service jobs, follow the steps provided in the Privacy Service developer guide or the Privacy Service user guide .