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An optional, Boolean flag that prevents the Experience Cloud Identity Service from returning the third-party, cookie.
This configuration was
and renamed to
in the January 18, 2018 release of v3.0.
disableThirdPartyCookies: true|false
(default is
.) For
v3.0.0 or greater.
disableThirdPartyCookies: true
, the ID service does not return the third-party, cookie (see Cookies and the Experience Cloud Identity Service ). If a site visitor already has this cookie in their browser, the ID service won't use it to create a new Experience Cloud ID (MID) or return an existing ID. Instead, the ID service creates a new, random MID in the first-party cookie. Once enabled, you can collect data with the ID service and share it across different Experience Cloud solutions.
Code Sample
var visitor = Visitor.getInstance ("Insert Experience Cloud organization ID here",{ trackingServer: "Insert tracking server here here", //Same as s.trackingServer trackingServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here", //Same as s.trackingServerSecure //For CNAME support only. Exclude these variables if you're not using CNAME marketingCloudServer: "Insert tracking server here", marketingCloudServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here", //Function variable disableThirdPartyCookies: true });