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An optional, Boolean flag that controls how the Experience Cloud Identity Service loads the ID synchronization iFrame.
idSyncAttachIframeOnWindowLoad= true|false`` (default is
idSyncAttachIframeOnWindowLoad: true
the ID service loads the ID synchronization iFrame on window load. By default, the ID service loads the ID synchronization iFrame as fast as possible instead of on window load.
Code Sample
var visitor = Visitor.getInstance ("Insert Experience Cloud organization ID here",{ trackingServer: "Insert tracking server here here", //Same as s.trackingServer trackingServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here", //Same as s.trackingServerSecure //For CNAME support only. Exclude these variables if you're not using CNAME marketingCloudServer: "Insert tracking server here", marketingCloudServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here", //Function variable. Example loads ID sync iFrame on window load instad of ASAP. idSyncAttachIframeOnWindowLoad: true });