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audienceManagerServer and audienceManagerServerSecure

Change the default domain name used by calls to the Experience Cloud Identity Service to your own subdomain name with these configurations.
  • audienceManagerServer: " *
    your subdomain name
  • audienceManagerServerSecure: " *
    your subdomain name
Normally, the Experience Cloud ID service makes calls to Adobe at
. Sometimes you may not want to make calls to this destination because it looks too generic or "third-party." To make the ID service call look more like a first-party call, use these configurations to add your Audience Manager subdomain name to
as shown below. For more information about the
call, see Understanding Calls to the Demdex Domain .
These configurations require that you use:
  • The Audience Manager subdomain name of record for your company. Verify or get this name from your consultant.
  • The subdomain name associated with your Organization ID.
  • Both
    configuration parameters with the same subdomain name.
Code Sample
In this example, let's say we have a media entertainment company that has expressed legal concerns with making calls to
. In Audience Manager, the company subdomain name of record is Music1. The following code sample demonstrates how to brand the ID service data call with this customer-specific subdomain name.
//Instantiate Visitor var visitor = Visitor.getInstance("Insert Experience Cloud Organization ID here",{ ... //Configure ID service call audienceManagerServer: "", audienceManagerServerSecure: "" } );