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getMarketingCloudVisitorID returns the Experience Cloud visitor ID.
Syntax: var * variable name * = visitor.getMarketingCloudVisitorID()
This method typically used with custom solutions that require reading the visitor ID. It is not used by a standard implementation. getMarketingCloudVisitorID also works with callback functions to read Analytics IDs and bring them in to your system or application.
//callback function 
var useMarketingCloudID = function(id){ 
     //whatever your function does with the Experience Cloud ID 
//get the Experience Cloud ID and pass it to the function 
var mcID = visitor.getMarketingCloudVisitorID(useMarketingClouidID)

If you're an Analytics customer, also check for and send the Analytics ID to your function. For example, you would want both identifiers when passing the visitor ID in a hidden form element to a server-side application that uses the data insertion API. In this case, you should collect and return the Experience Cloud and Analytics visitor IDs. See Get Analytics Visitor ID .