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2019 Release Notes

Feature releases, updates, or changes to the Experience Cloud Identity Service.

2019 Release Notes

Feature releases, updates, or changes to the Experience Cloud ID service.

Version 4.4

New Feature
SHA256 Hashing Support for setCustomerIDs . Experience Cloud ID Service (ECID) supports the SHA-256 hashing algorithm that allows you to pass in customer IDs or email addresses, and pass out hashed IDs.
Fixes, enhancements, improvements
  • We made a configuration update to
    . The ECID library now filters out the empty string
    and uses the top level cookie domain, which is returned by the getDomain method. (CORE-29223)
  • We fixed a bug related to
    . (CORE-31287)
  • We fixed a bug where there was an inconsistency for the MCOPTOUT value in the Safari browser, returned by the
    method. (CORE-29719)
  • We updated the Opt-in library by adding
    to unsubscribe from events.
  • We fixed a bug related to the setTimeout function, where
    violated the Content Security Policy (CSP) on some customer sites. (CORE-30623)

Version 4.3

Support for ITP 2.1
. If a tracking server is set in a first party CNAME, a new cookie (s_ecid) is placed with the ECID value. The ECID library references the value to persist the ID beyond 7 days. See ECID library methods in a Safari ITP world .
Bug fix for secureCookie config.

Version 4.0

Opt-in service
. Opt-in is an extension of the Experience Cloud ID (ECID) that allows you to control whether (and then which) Experience Cloud libraries can create cookies on web pages for visitors. Using Experience Platform Launch , you can simplify gathering visitor opt-in consents for Experience Cloud solution by enabling Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, and other or all select Experience Cloud solutions to opt-in to your consent management system.

Version 3.4

flag not working when passed a string.
Fixed. Values set on
parameter for
function are now being honored.
Third-party iFrames not getting ECID
Fixed ECID on Safari Mobil and ECIDs in various iFrames that were not working.