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Configure streaming events

Journey Orchestration listens to events and orchestrates the best next actions within the customer's journey based on these events. An event can relate to:
  • An individual's direct actions (e.g., they bought a product, visited a store, or abandoned an online shopping cart), or
  • Something that happened that is connected to the individual (e.g., a they reached 10,000 loyalty points)
Journey Orchestration events are XDM experience events that are sent to the Adobe Experience Platform via streaming ingestion.
You will need to be familiar with:
To understand the examples used in the video, you should also familiarize yourself with the following Adobe Experience Platform Services:

How to configure streaming events

The following video explains how to:
  • Configure XDM schemas and datasets for Journey Orchestration events
  • Define an event in Journey Orchestration
  • Configure source systems to stream events