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Discovering the Alpha version interface

About the Alpha version interface

Navigation within Journey Orchestration menus has been enhanced, in order to provide a consistant interface with Adobe Experience Platform. Changes include:
  • Menus moved from the top to the left-hand side of the interface,
  • Grouping of admin functionalities into a single dashboard.
Global concepts on how to use and navigate in the interface (searching and filtering, browsing through Adobe Experience Platform fields, shortcuts) are presented in this section .

Accessing Journey Orchestration functionalities

When you access Journey Orchestration, the Journeys menu is displayed, allowing you to access existing journeys or create new ones. See Using the journey designer .
The Segments menu allows you to access and create Adobe Experience Platform segments. See About Adobe Experience Platform segments .
The Admin menu is available to all users with Administrator rights (see Access management ). It provides a dashboard which allows you to setup data sources , events and actions .