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Time zone management

You can define a time zone in the properties of your journey.
To access Properties,click on the pencil icon in the top-right of the screen.
This time zone will be used for every activity of the journey containing a time element such as:
You can select a time zone or choose to use the time zone defined in the user profile.

Defining a fixed time zone

The time zone can also be fixed. Clear the pre-defined time zone and pick one from the drop-down list. If you use a fixed time zone, it will be the same for all individuals entering the journey.
To do so, in Properties , select a time zone.

Using profiles to define the journey time zone

If the entry event of the journey has a namespace, meaning that the journey can reach the Real-time Customer Profile service of the Adobe Experience Platform, the time zone is pre-defined with the one specified in the profile of the individual flowing in the journey.
If a time zone is defined in the Adobe Experience Platform profile, it can be retrieved in the journey.
If the individual's profile does not contain a time zone, the timezone retrieved will be the one defined in the timezone field.
To do so, in Properties , check Use Profile timezone in timers and conditions .

Using time zones in expressions

The start and end dates of a journey cannot be linked to a specific time zone. They are automatically associated to the instance's time zone.