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About Platform segments

If you're using the Platform Segmentation Service to create your segments, you can leverage them in Journey Orchestration. Thanks to a dedicated event activity, you can make individuals enter or move forward in a journey based on Platform segment entrances and exits. This also allows you to build complex conditions in your journeys using the simple or advanced expression editor.
Let's say you have a "silver customer" segment. With this activity, you can make all new silver customers enter a journey and send them a series of personalized messages. You can alsdo easily build conditions based on this segment.
Here are the possibilities Journey Orchestration offer you with segments:
  • Access the list of Platform segments. See Creating a segment .
  • Create segments directly in Journey Orchestration the same way you create them using the Segmentation Service. See Creating a segment .
  • Leverage segments in your journey's conditions using the simple or advanced expression editor. See Using segments in conditions .
  • Add a Segment qualification event to your journey in order to listen to the entrances and exits of profiles in Platform segments. See Events activities .