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Documentation Updates

This page lists all the documentation updates for Journey Orchestration. You can also consult the Journey Orchestration Release Notes .

June 2020

  • Added information on how to change the cache duration of the token for a custom authentication data source. Read more
  • Updated screenshots and text to reflect the renaming of the Finished journey state which has been changed to Closed (no entrance) .
  • Added information on how the language is defined for the interface. Read more
  • The list of statuses of an individual's journey has been moved to the Test mode logs section.

April 2020

  • Added a new section on experience event schema definition to help users configure their first event. Read more
  • The home page for Journey Orchestration documentation has been updated with additionnal useful links. Read more

March 2020

  • Added parameter descriptions for actionExecutionErrors and fetchErrors in test logs section. Read more
  • The limitations on custom actions used in a journey have been updated. You can also modify the URL field and the Authentication parameters. Read more
  • New contexual help entries have been added. The custom authentication payload pane (in actions and data sources) now includes a help icon that links to this section .
  • Closed journeys can now be stopped. Read more
  • The interface description section has been reorganized. Read more
  • The triggering of multiple events has been added to the Test mode section Read more
  • The Test mode section has been updated regarding the new Wait time in test parameter. Read more
  • The Test log section has been updated with external call error codes and responses. Read more
  • Timezone management is now centralized in the journey properties panel. Read more here and here
  • The Journey designer section has been updated to reflect recent enhancements. Read more
  • The interface description has been updated with information on contextual help. Read more
  • When browsing XDM fields , the friendly name is now displayed. Related sections have been updated. Read more

February 2020

  • The shortcut section has been udpated. The C keyboard shortcut allows you to create a new item in all list screens. Read more
  • The data source and action overview pages have been improved.

January 2020

December 2019

  • All screenshots have been updated to reflect interface changes.
  • The test mode section has been updated. Read more
  • A warning has been added in the email send time optimization and predictive fatigue scores sections. These capabilities are only available to customers who use the Adobe Campaign Standard Data Service feature.
  • Stopped journeys can now be deleted. Related documentation pages have been updated.
  • Two colors are now displayed when issues are detected in a journey. Red for errors and orange for warnings. Read more
  • The advanced expression editor section has been updated. Read more .
  • Conditional instruction and Collection management sections have been moved and updated.
  • The functions section has been updated with new examples.
  • The toDateTime function documentation has been updated to reflect timezone syntax changes.