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Experience Cloud ID Release Notes

For release notes on the Experience Cloud ID Service itself and not just the Launch Extension, please reference:\_US/mcvid/mcvid-release-notes.html

May 13, 2019

Experience Cloud ID Extension 4.3.1


  • Updated visitor.js to 4.3
  • Added data element type for ECID as part of Launch Extension

April 9, 2019

Experience Cloud ID Extension 4.2.0


  • Updated visitor.js to 4.2 which included support for Audience Manager IAB TCF Plug-in

February 15, 2019

Experience Cloud ID Extension 4.0.0


  • Updated visitor.js to 4.0
  • Added a configuration options for the new built-in Opt-In Object. Opti-In settings can be used to suppress cookie and beacon calls of Adobe Solutions to better support regulations such as GDPR

March 20, 2018

Experience Cloud ID Extension 3.1.0


  • Updated visitor.js to 3.1
  • Adds two configuration properties: resetBeforeVersion and serverState