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App Customizations

Customize App display options to match your branding and style and add custom functionality.
Available for Chat, Comments, Live Blog, Reviews, and Sidenotes.
Livefyre offers several means by which you may change your Apps’ interaction and display options to fit your style and engage your audience.
These customizations are available only for those Apps which depend upon user posts, and which are configured using a ConvConfig object: Chat, Comments, Live Blog, Reviews, and Sidenotes.
  • Change Display Options
    Change display options for your Apps using CSS classes, localized text strings, and App element and media restrictions.
  • Highlight Content
    Use styling to feature and promote selected content or user groups.
  • Add Custom Buttons
    Trigger custom actions when users interact with your Livefyre App.
  • Listen to App Events
    Use available JavaScript events to further customize and track your user experience.