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Send a Twitter Rights Request

You can request the right to reuse the item for your commercial purposes from the Library, App Content, or ModQ.
Before you can send a rights request you must:
  • Add a Twitter social account. For more information on how to configure a social account, see Add a Social Account .
  • Set up Rights Management. For more information on how to set up rights management, see Requesting Rights .
You can send rights requests from the Library, App Content, or the ModQ. In the Library and in App Content, you must save a Twitter asset before you can request rights for that asset. Click on the details for an asset to request rights.
For ModQ, you can request rights by clicking
More Details
on a Twitter asset.
  1. Open the
    Rights options
  2. Select the account to use to request rights.
  3. (Optional) Edit the request message. If the message is missing an element or a required element is misspelled, an error message displays that specifies the incorrect or missing information.
  4. Click
    to send the request to the owner of the content.