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Add a Social Account

Configure a social account to request rights or search for UGC in streams or social searches.
Livefyre uses Twitter and Instagram social accounts to enable you to perform a social search (in the Library) or to use Streams.
You must configure an account in Twitter in order to use the Twitter social search in the Library.
Instagram has different rules for social accounts, depending on how you use Adobe Livefyre. For information on what type of social accounts you can use with Livefyre, see About Instagram Accounts .
To configure a social account:
  1. Navigate to
    Settings >
    Network Settings.
  2. Navigate to the
    Social Accounts
    section under
    Network Settings
  3. Click
    Add Account
    under the type of social account you are adding. A dialog box pops up to allow you to authorize the account for Livefyre.
    When you configure an Instagram business account, you are taken to a Facebook login screen. Continue logging in as normal. >
  4. Click
    Authorize App
    to continue.
  5. Add a
    Display Name
    for the account, then click
    Save Settings.
    . Click on
    Social Account
    in the header of the account info box to collapse the account.