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Release Notes

Documentation Updates

Last updated: October, 2019

Numerous editing and formatting corrections. Cookbook topics expanded beyond Media SDK, including a new general cookbook topic on "Media Dimensions outside Media Tracking."

Last updated: March 7, 2019

  • This update was primarily for the 2.2 Media SDK release on the JavaScript and OTT platforms.
  • The 2.2 Media SDK release on JavaScript and OTT platforms provides the same support as described below for the iOS and Android platforms (November 1, 2018 update).

Last updated: November 1, 2018

  • This update was primarily for the 2.2 Media SDK release on the Android and iOS platforms.
  • The 2.2 Media SDK release on Android and iOS provides support for tracking audio on those platforms, along with internal improvements.
  • With the addition of audio tracking, and with both audio and video tracking capabilities now available in both the Media SDK and the Media Collection API, a relatively wholesale naming update is called for:
    • The overall solution is titled Adobe Analytics for Audio and Video
    • The shorthand formerly used throughout the docs, "Video Analytics", is now "Media Analytics"
    • In the SDK, references to "Video Heartbeat Library (VHL)" are now "Media SDK"
    • Filenames and URLs (e.g., links to API references) that formerly referenced "video" or "vhl" now use "media" in their place
    • In the code, the names of metadata keys now include "MEDIA" instead of "VIDEO"
    • and so on...
  • Along with the above, some additional restructuring has occurred in the Media SDK section, including Standard Metadata implementation and reference returning to their own topics (they had been absorbed into the
    Track Core
    topics in the previous doc update). These topics, along with the
    Track core
    , and
    Track seeking
    , and
    Track buffering
    topics are now grouped together under
    Track audio and video playback
  • The Federated Analytics form was updated to Version 3.2, to reflect new parameters involved with tracking audio.

Update: October 10, 2018

  • Document structure was "refactored" in the SDK Implementation area, by combining the individual (but mostly identical) platform implementation guides into one SDK implementation section, with platform-specific tracking examples presented in sub-sections beneath common tracking topics.
  • Files were renamed throughout in anticipation of a migration to a new doc system. All DITA prefixes ( c_, r_, t_ ) indicating concept, reference, and task topic types respectively) were eliminated. All underscores ('_') were replaced with hyphens ('-'). Also, file names now more closely resemble the titles of the topics.
  • Updates to general Validation and Certification topics.
  • New introductory material including a presentation of measurement options, along with updates to prerequisites, implementation paths, and Audience Manager enablement.
  • Updates to Metrics and Metadata and Reporting and Analysis sections, reflecting the addition of Audio Analytics capabilities.