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Sending ping events

For main content, you must fire ping events every 10 seconds, beginning after 10 seconds of playback, regardless of other API events that you have sent. For Ad tracking, you must fire ping events every 1 second.
The ping events are literally the "heartbeat" of Media Analytics. The only required parameters for a ping call are
eventType: ping
along with the
object (playhead position and timestamp).
The following code snippet shows one way to implement a timed pinging mechanism for main content (10 second interval):
... Pinger.init(10000); ... Pinger.kill(); var Pinger = { init: function(interval) { this._timer = window.setInterval(function() { $.event.trigger({type: "onPing", _data: ""}); }, interval); }, kill: function() { window.clearInterval(this._timer); } }