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Validating event requests

The JSON request body for each event type is validated on the backend with JSON schemas. The HTTP response body is populated with an error message when validation fails for an API call.
JSON validation schemas for each event type are publicly accessible here:
). These JSON validation schemas are the absolute authority for determining the correct request body parameters for each type of event.
For example, the response to a request for the
validation schema appears something like this sample (slightly formatted for readability here):
HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx/1.13.5 Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 15:44:50 GMT Content-Type: application/json Content-Length: 2716 Connection: keep-alive { "$schema":"", "id":"", "definitions": { "playerTime": { "type":"object","properties": { "playhead": {"type":"number"}, "ts": {"type":"integer"} }, "required":["playhead","ts"], "additionalProperties":false }, "eventType": { "type":"string", "enum":[ "sessionStart", "play", "ping", "bufferStart", "pauseStart", "sessionComplete", "bitrateChange", "error", "adBreakStart", "adBreakComplete", "adStart", "adComplete", "adSkip", "sessionEnd" ] }, "qoeData": { "type":"object","properties": { "media.qoe.bitrate": {"type":"integer"}, "media.qoe.droppedFrames": {"type":"integer"}, "media.qoe.framesPerSecond": {"type":"integer"}, "media.qoe.timeToStart": {"type":"integer"} }, "required":[], "additionalProperties":false }, "customMetadata": { "type":"object", "patternProperties": { "^[a-zA-Z0-9_\\.]+$": {"type":"string"} }, "additionalProperties":false }, "sessionStart": { "properties": { "eventType": {"type":"string","enum":["sessionStart"]}, "playerTime": {"$ref":"#/definitions/playerTime"}, "params": {"type":"object", "properties": { "appInstallationId": {"type":"string"}, "analytics.trackingServer": {"type":"string"}, "analytics.reportSuite": {"type":"string"}, <...> "visitor.marketingCloudOrgId"], "additionalProperties":false }, "customMetadata": {"$ref":"#/definitions/customMetadata"}, "qoeData": {"$ref":"#/definitions/qoeData"} }, "required":["eventType","playerTime","params"], "additionalProperties":false } }, "type":"object","$ref":"#/definitions/sessionStart" } }
Session level validation is not possible, as the session context is not available in the collection layer.