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Get concurrent viewers JSON report data

You can obtain concurrent viewers report data using the
1.4 version
of the Analytics APIs:
  1. Filter the data using any segment that built on the UI. To filter by a specific Content ID, create a new segment.
  2. Set the
    in the request body to
  3. Request a sufficient amount of data. Adobe recommends 3200 data points, to ensure there are no gaps in the data.
    • The data range you specify in the report gathers all concurrent viewer data
      at the time the video session ended.
      So, you must account for sessions that start on one day and end after midnight (i.e., the next day).
    • Request more than one day of data, but in your analysis
      use only the first day of the data.
A sample request payload for this scenario would look like this:
{ "reportDescription":{ "reportSuiteID":"[YOUR_RSID]", "dateFrom":"2018-07-01", "dateTo":"2018-07-02", "metrics":[ { "id":"instances" } ], "elements":[ { "id":"videoconcurrentviewers", "top":"3200" } ], "segments":[ { "id":"s1234_58ca4fc7e4b0abc238707bb9" } ], "sortBy":"instances", "locale":"en_US" } }