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Media concurrent viewers

The Media Concurrent Viewers dashboard displays concurrent viewers during one day. The data can be filtered by content, device type, or country.
No data will be displayed if the selected interval is not an entire day.

Report features

Here are some features of this report:
  • This is not in real time. It has normal Adobe Analytics latency.
  • The report covers a 24 hour time frame. The x-axis is time-of-day based on the report suite time zone.
  • This shows concurrent viewers at minute granularity.
  • There is a Media Concurrent Viewers Report that shows how many viewers are watching or listening across all content.
  • There is a Concurrent Viewers report within the Media Detail report that shows how many viewers are watching or listening to one specific media item.
  • The report only works across one day.
  • The customer can look at historical concurrent viewer reports (limited to a single day).


Here are some limitations for this report:
  • You cannot export the data, such as ReportBuilder.
  • You cannot present the data in a table format.
  • You cannot send a report via email.
  • Even if you do not track ads, you have to re-enable media tracking and select the Media Ad module.
  • This functionality will provide accurate data when using a heartbeats Library that has Pause tracking capabilities.