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These reporting segments associated with Media Stream Type were introduced on 9/13/18 along with the streamType parameter.
Media Stream Type: All
Segment all media stream data
"Content (ID) exists"
Media Stream Type: Audio
Segment all audio stream data
"Content (ID) exists" AND "Media Stream Type = audio "
Media Stream Type: Video
Segment all video stream data
"Content (ID) exists" AND "Media Stream Type != audio "
Media Content Type: VoD
Segment all VoD contents
"Content Type = vod "
Media Content Type: Live
Segment all Live contents
"Content Type = live "
Media Content Type: Linear
Segment all Linear contents
"Content Type = linear "
Media Content Type: Podcast
Segment all Podcast contents
"Content Type = podcast "
Media Content Type: Audiobook
Segment all Audiobook contents
"Content Type = audiobook "
Media Content Type: AoD
Segment all AoD contents
"Content Type = aod "