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Test 2: Media interruption

This test case validates mobile interruption behavior. It is a required element of your certification request.

Certification Request Form

Download the certification request form here: ==>
  Certification Request Form.

Test procedure

You must complete and record these tasks in following order:
  1. Start the media player
    When the media player starts, the following calls are sent in the following order:
    1. Adobe Analytics (AppMeasurement) Start
    2. Media Analytics (heartbeats) Start
    3. Media Analytics (heartbeats) Adobe Analytics Start call requested
    The first two calls above contain additional metadata and variables. For call parameters and metadata, see Test call details.
    The third call above tells the Media Analytics server that the Media SDK requested that the Adobe Analytics Start call (
    ) be sent to the Adobe Analytics server.
  2. Play main content for at least 5 minutes uninterrupted
    Content Play
    During content playback, the Media SDK sends play calls (heartbeats) to the Media Analytics server every ten seconds.
    For call parameters and metadata, see Test call details.
    Also see your platform's Track Ads instructions for additonal information about these Ad calls.
  3. Move app or browser to the background
    While the app runs in the background, only
    calls should be sent to the Media Analytics server, starting with VHL version 1.6.6 and later.
  4. Bring app or browser back to foreground
    On returning from background, content playback should resume.
  5. Play main content media for at least 5 minutes uninterrupted
    For call parameters and metadata, see Test Call Details.
  6. Close media player
    No additional tracking calls should fire after the media player is closed.