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PII postbacks

You can use the Adobe SDK to collect personally identifiable information (PII) and send it to a third-party endpoint.
When you want to use the Adobe SDK to collect PII, you should send a track PII call. Although using this call enables collection of PII data, the SDK does not automatically send the data to an Adobe endpoint. A PII type postback needs to be configured with the appropriate endpoint.
An endpoint that supports HTTPS is required to use the PII postback type.

Tracking PII postbacks

  1. Add [the library to your project and implement lifecycle.
    For more information, see Add the SDK and Config File to your IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse Project in Core implementation and lifecycle .
  2. Import the library:
    #import "ADBMobile.h"
  3. When you are ready to capture PII, call trackPII to send a hit for this action, event, or view:
    Config.collectPII(new HashMap<String, Object>(){{