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Experience Cloud Device Co-op

To start using the Experience Cloud Device Co-op, contact your Adobe representative.
To enable your mobile apps for the Experience Cloud Device Co-op, complete the following steps for the Experience Cloud Android SDKs:
This functionality requires Android SDK version 4.8.3 or later.
Starting in SDK version 4.16.1, Device Co-op members can opt their mobile device data out of the Experience Cloud Device Co-op. For more information see ADBMobile JSON Config and the visitorAPI.js method for isCoopSafe .
  1. Implement the Adobe Mobile SDK.
    For more information, see Core Implementation and Lifecycle .
  2. Enable your Experience Cloud ID.
    For more information, see Experience Cloud ID Configuration .
  3. Pass authenticated identities such as CRM IDs or hashed emails, by using one of the sync methods.

coopUnsafe flag

Here is some additional information about the coopUnsafe flag:
  • Minimum SDK version: 4.16.1
  • The Boolean property of the marketingCloud object that, when set to true , causes the device to be opted-out of the Experience Cloud's Device Co-Op.
  • Default value is false .
  • This setting is used only for Device Co-op provisioned customers.
For Device Co-op members who require this value set to true , you need to work with the Co-op team to request a blocklist flag on your Device Co-op account. There is no self-service path to enabling these flags.
Remember the following information:
  • When coopUnsafe is set to true , coop_unsafe=1 will always be appended to Audience Manager and Visitor ID hits.
  • If you enable Analytics server-side forwarding to Audience Manager, you will also see coop_unsafe=1 Analytics hits.