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Hit batching

Hit batching allows applications that have offline tracking enabled to hold hits from being sent until the number of hits in the queue pass a configurable limit.
Hit batching requires SDK version 4.1 or later.
To enable hit batching, update your ADBMobileConfig.json file and specify a value for batchLimit :
"analytics": {
    "batchLimit": 5,

When set to a number higher than 0, the SDK queues the number of hits equal to batchLimit . After this threshold is passed, all hits in the queue are sent.
The following methods are used with hit batching:
  • trackingGetQueueSize() returns an NSUInteger with the number of hits currently in the hit batching queue.
  • trackingSendQueuedHits() forces the library to send all hits in the queue no matter how many are currently queued.
  • trackingClearQueue() clears all hits from the queue without sending them.
Offline tracking must be enabled to use hit batching.